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1.  Before becoming a consultant for Energy Provider, what was your profession?

     My profession is marketing and Finance, I’ve built a multi-million dollar successful
     business in network marketing and I believe and it’s the true path to generating
     residual income and great wealth.  When the deregulation of electricity market
     evolved I knew it was a chance to capitalize on the largest redistribution of wealth
     in our lifetime.

2.  What about Energy Provider makes you proud? In other words, what about the      company is pleasing and satisfying?

      I am extremely proud to be an energy consultant!  It’s very satisfying to know that
      this career provides enough income to pay all of my family’s bills with plenty left
      over each month.  It is a pleasing and comfortable life being able to travel and
      relax at our leisure.

3.  Can you briefly inform us about the history of Energy Provider and its origins?

      Energy deregulation began in Texas in 2002. Currently there are approximately
      24 states in some form of deregulation and many countries through out the world.

4.  What, or who, convinced you to become a consultant for Energy Provider?

     No one had to convince me of the potential of the energy market. I was extremely      successful during the deregulation of the long distance market during the 90’s and
     saw thousands of people become millionaires. The deregulation of electricity is
     six times larger than the deregulation of telecommunication, so I knew it was
     about starting and getting a piece of the pie.

5.  What does your job as a consultant entail? And what kind of returns do expect
     from your work?

     Have built a team of consultants and everyone’s goal is to gathering residential
     energy customers.

6.  How long have you worked for Energy Provider and during that time period,
     how has Energy Provider helped you?

     I have been an energy consultant since February, 2007.  The corporate office in
     downtown Dallas is a great source of support!  Corporate tours are available at
     your request.

7.  Can you tell us how much you made during your first year as a consultant for
      Energy Provider?

Five Figures

8.  What is your current position at Energy Provider, what level consultant are you?
     How long did it take you to become an executive consultant?

     I am currently an Executive Consultant and it took just under a year to reach that

9.  How long have you been working for Energy Provider? Could you tell us how
     much you made during 2010?

       Six Figures

10.  Would you ever sell your position in the company? If you would sell your
         position in the company, how much would you sell it for?


11.  If somebody offered you $2.5 million in cash, would you sell your business?

       No, the residual potential is much greater than that.

12.  Do you have any business secrets that explain your success as a consultant?

       To become successful you must dedicate yourself to your team, you only succeed
       and prosper if your team is successful.

13.  Do you have any advice for people who are interested in joining Energy

       The best advice that I can give someone is to get started now!  The monetary
       investment is small, however the future earning potential is enormous.

14.  Forgive me for not asking you this question earlier, but how much did you
         invest when you first joined Energy Provider?

       Approximately $450

15.  Exactly where does the company provide electricity in the United States?

       Currently customers can enroll for energy service in Texas and New York and
       Natural Gas service in Illinois and New York.

16.  How many people have accounts with Energy Provider in Texas?
        Percentage wise, how many people have electricity accounts with Energy
        Provider in Texas?

        Currently the company has less than 2% market penetration in Texas, it is wide
         open territory for others to conquer!

17.  Would you mind telling us your expected income for the year 2011?

        A lot! I travel for leisure one week out of each month, and my wife is retired from
        the legal profession and our bills are paid with money left over!

18.  How did you become so successful? Did something in your educational
        background aid you? What made it possible for you to market and sell so
        many electricity accounts?

        Perseverance is a key fundamental to succeed in business.  Networking,
        referrals, business cards, and explaining to others the benefits of creating a
        residual income that pays you every month long after you did the work the
        first time.

19.  What future management and business plans does Energy Provider have?

       The company plans on expanding into several other deregulated states in the
       future, that’s why it’s important to start now.

20.  Can you tell us what one MUST do and/or not do to be as successful as you?

       See number 18


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